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Due to the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, AcuSpa will postpone all AIT courses until this threat subsides. 

Please take care and take common sense measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Acupuncture is the practice of inserting whisker thin needles into specific points of energy that are located along 14 meridians or channels that cover the entire body. There are 365 acupuncture points associated with these meridians, along with a number of “extra” points not associated with any particular meridian.

Based on the concepts of Yin and Yang, Chinese Herbal Medicine aims to understand and treat the many ways in which the fundamental balance between the two forces may be undermined and the ways in which a person's vitality may be depleted or blocked. Clinical strategies are based upon diagnosis of patterns of symptoms that reflect an imbalance.


Nutrition and lifestyle have a much greater impact on personal health, healing, and medicine than than most people realize. This is not about a fad or trend. It’s about making incremental steps to improve the way we eat, exercise, sleep, work, age, and live our lives.


In Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, it is imperative to use a range of diagnostic procedures, most notably the tongue and the pulse, to arrive at the TCM diagnostic pattern - or description of how the patient's issues came to be. This helps determine what treatment options are appropriate and what path to follow to resolution.


starts from within

Tammy Lee Dippenworth

— Acupuncture Physician

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine offer a safe and effective health care system. This natural approach to healthcare is used worldwide as both a primary and complementary form of medical treatment. By choosing acupuncture and Chinese medicine, you have taken a step on the road to vibrant health. 


Acupuncture does not add anything to the body, but rather, simply helps to guide a person’s physiology toward a more optimal state. AcuSpa  helps achieve balance and control, comfort and focus, and joy in living. We have a lot of potential in our bodies but at times it can be misguided.


Healing takes place as your energy begins to move...natural medicine. Through the thoughtful use of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ultrasound Electrical Stimulation, and Chinese Medicine, Tammy Lee can help you boost your energy and metabolism and enhance balance through increased feelings of relaxation. We can alleviate your chronic pains by using natural healing – harnessed from within yourself.


Chinese medicine encompasses acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, moxibustion, infrared heat therapy, cupping, Tui Nai, and specific exercises.


Given the correct protocol, with the right healthcare partner, your body has incredible rejuvenating ability!

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."   ~ Lao Tzu 




“I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I had NO PAIN ! I could not believe one treatment could help that much. Thank you for giving me a holistic, non-invasive way to manage my health.”

~B.P., Windermere, FL 




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