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Tammy Lee


2008 to present: offering acupuncture services


2016 to 2019: Board Member, FSOMA Florida State Oriental Medicine

Co-Chair of Veterans Choice Program committee

2018 to 2020: Board member of the Florida Homeopathic Society 2018-2020


2018: Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM), Pacific College of Health & Science, San Diego, CA 2021


2011: Attended 8th Annual Oncology Training Conference, certified in applying Acupuncture for side effects of Chemo Therapy


2008: Florida College of Integrative Medicine honors graduate: BS in Professional Health Studies; Master of Science in Oriental Medicine


2007: Extensive study in Beijing, China PLA 301 Hospital in Oriental practices


1982-1990: Specialized in Critical Care Unit, ICU, and Cardiovascular/Open Heart recovery 


1982: University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing BS graduate 

Tammy Lee Dippenworth

— Licensed Acupuncturist  &

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM)

Licensed in Florida & Georgia

NCCAOM Certifications:


I look forward to working with you to help you find a more comfortable life through a holistic approach of caring for your body and mind.  


I began to pursue my passion to help people with a Bachelor of Science nursing degree.  Most of my RN experience was in Critical Care and Open-Heart Recovery.


Even though I could assist patients in the hospital by following doctor's orders and dispensing medications, I found myself dissatisfied. Was this the best I could offer?


It seemed that the more medication patients took, the medication they needed to offset the side effects of the others.  Hence, over time I became more interested in natural approaches. 


I spent many years researching different methods to find an avenue to help one achieve health and balance. Then a young family member was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and placed on several heavy-hitting western drugs, I pledged to find a more natural approach to help reduce the risks of those pharmaceuticals.  My search led me to one of the oldest Oriental medicinal practices called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  The rest is history!

Better health does start from within.

Acupuncture and it’s Ancient History and how it can benefit us today!

Originating in China during Neolithic Era( 2,500 BC) 

Where stone needles were used instead of finely manufactured ones. 

Acupuncture is considered the oldest and most widely used system  of medicine in our history. The Nie Jing, also called “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” is the oldest medical book in China.  Written by various authors around 475- 221 BC. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic system of healing, which has diagnosed, treated and prevented illness's for at least 3000 years. Based on principles of internal balance and harmony, this complex discipline works to regenerate the body’s organs and systems, including: 








This TCM medicine views each human being as a mini eco-system, that shares many common traits with the earth. The Chinese have a concept of vital energy known as “Qi” (pronounced Chee), which is the basis of all life. In the body, Qi is transported via 12 major energetic pathways known as meridians. Even though these meridians cannot be seen by the naked eye, modern science has documented their existence through electronic detection devices.

Each meridian connects to one of the major organs, and the Qi is said to power the organ and enable effective functioning. For example, the path of the heart meridian travels from the heart, to the armpit, and down the inside of the arm to the little finger.  This explains why some people with heart conditions claim that they feel tingling or pain running down the arm and into the fingers during angina attacks.

In order the have the optimum Qi in our body the Chinese believe the balance between Yin and Yang lead to a healthy life. Yin means “the dark side of the mountain” and represents the qualities of cold, still, below, weakness, and void. And Yang is the opposite, meaning “the sunny side of the mountain” and represents heat, activity, above, strength, and solidity.

A person’s constitution or the nature of the disease is determined by the aspects of Yin and Yang. Harmony is the balance of these two entities and illness is expressed as either a deficiency or excess of either Yin or Yang. Remember I said the Chinese believe that the body is a mini eco-system that shares many traits of the earth. It is these various traits, in extreme, that are responsible for causing many  illness:  IE:  external disease are considered the “Six evils”. Any of the following can seriously alter the balance within the body by diminishing, or blocking the flow of Qi in the Organs. 

Wind = chills; fever; colds; flu; H/A; allergies; nasal congestion, arthritic and rheumatic conditions as well as dizziness & vertigo. And related to the Liver Organ. 

Cold = related to conditions that diminish the body’s immune system, IE: colds; cough; upper respiratory allergies, as well as poor circulation, anemia, and weak digestion. 

KI organ 

Heat = hot and inflammatory conditions that are exacerbated by hot weather and exposure to heat:  they represent overactive metabolic processes ie: hypertension, hyperthyroid, ulcers, colitis, inflamed arthritic joints, as well as flu and skin rashes. 

Heart Organ 

Dampness = caused by wet weather, oily and fatty foods, includes swelling, obesity, formation of cysts, tumors, and lumps, leading to phlegm heat or Cancer.  Also effects Lungs, bronchioles, and sinuses.

Spleen Organ 


Dryness = causes Lung problems, and associated with the Lung organ IE: lung, sinuses, skin, large intestine (constipation), digestion and reproductive organs. 

Summer-heat = overexposure to sun and hot weather can lead to heat stroke, exhaustion, extreme thirst, nausea and dizziness. 

The seven internal causes of disease referred to as the “Seven Emotions” and that illnesses can be brought on by intense, prolonged, or suppressed feelings.  As follows: 

Sadness:  decreases the flow of Qi to Lungs and Heart.  Associated with depression, fatigue, SOB, asthma, allergies, cold, flu, and amenorrhea.

Grief:  similar to Sadness, injures Lungs.  Causing decrease immunity to colds & flu.  And chronic Lung problems ie: emphysema, allergies and asthma. 

Pensiveness: over-engaging the mind in activities such as worry, thought, or study can deplete the Spleen qi and may result in edema, digestive disorders, low appetite and fatigue.

Fear:  or paranoia causes Qi to descend, resulting in potential harm to Kidneys, lower back, or joints when this emotion is present.

Fright: or shock , unlike Fear, onset is sudden, causing Qi to diverge.  At first causing heart palpitations and breathlessness and then moving down to Kidneys similar to fear.

Anger:  negative emotions of rage, irritability, frustration, and resentment, and causes Qi to rise.  Leading to H/A, mental confusion, dizziness and hypertension.

Joy: excess or overabundance & overindulgence.  Damages heart, causing hysteria, muddled thought and insomnia.

This is just a brief discussion on history, theories, and ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, but if you could relate to any of these diseases or thought processes and desire to be treated holistically, try some Acupuncture!  And Natural Chinese Herbs…..Tui Nai……Cupping…. And or Homeopathic remedies.

What is Auricular Medicine? 

  • Auricular medicine has been developing over 3000 years through Western and Eastern scientific research.

  • The ear is regarded as an inverted fetus, earlobe being head. Each area of the ear indicates a different organ or part of the body, which tells individual stories about a persons past, present and future.

  • The ear is viewed as a special micro-cosmos, since it is located close to the brain it is like a computer window that stores information and the ear is used as a keyboard to balance the body.

  • Diagnosis is made by observation, palpation, and detection with a special auricular point finder. 

  • The use of an ear seed is placed on those specific points that are indicated by the point finder and correlate to specific organ systems in the body to facilitate healing and resolve disharmony.

  • The specific points help diagnose and treat those organ systems.

  • The ear seeds can treat both functional and physical imbalances of meridian energy systems.

  • It can assist in healing in various organ systems i.e.: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, urinary, emotional, and reproductive systems.

  • Treatment is given once a week and ear seeds are left on for about one week.  The ear seeds need to be stimulated at least 30 seconds three times per day.  This pressure continues the treatment for more powerful long lasting benefits.

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