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Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow-

AcuSpa Serves the Greater Orlando Area

People who use acupuncture have a greater success because they realize how Qi and weight loss relate. For example:

• When you have a strong and balanced Qi, you won’t experience cravings for unhealthy foods. Your appetite will also be under control. An organ imbalance often produces cravings and poor appetite control. You won’t be asked to skip meals since your digestive system needs a steady supply of food to work properly.

• Acupuncturists recognize the healing power of food. Often you will be asked to eat certain foods that will serve as medicine for your body. We recognize that food has no detrimental side effects when it is not being abused.

• Most weight loss programs do not recognize the effect that stress and emotions can have on your body. Often stress causes digestive organs to become imbalanced and that can lead to weight gain. 

Chinese medicine addresses the mind, body, spirit and emotions. In Chinese medical theory, it is the stomach’s job to receive food and drink and begin the digestive process by “rottening and ripening” it. Then it is the spleen’s job to separate the pure from the impure. The stomach then takes what is left and transports it downward to the small intestine. If the spleen does not correctly move untransformed food downward, it can result in symptoms such as lower abdominal distention or diarrhea. If stomach function is impaired, there is abnormal flow of qi upward and the turbid portion of the food is not transported downward, resulting in epigastric distention, nausea, belching, or constipation Digestive problems can have severe detrimental effects on an individual’s quality of life. People suffering from digestive issues may experience significant weight gains or even involuntary weight loss. Consuming certain foods or beverages, may cause difficult bowel problems or abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, nausea.

Whether an individual is suffering from indigestion, IBS, constipation, acute/chronic diarrhea, hyperacidity, or any other type of digestive issue, the methods of ancient Chinese medicine can be of great help. Traditional Chinese medicine looks at food consumption much differently than modern western medicine. In TCM, food is looked upon as medicine that is taken three times a day, and every meal is a step closer or further away from good health. For thousands of years, the Chinese have looked to food as a way to cure illness and disease. Unlike the western outlook on food nutrition, TCM looks not just at the nutritional compounds in food (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc.), it also looks upon the flavors and energies of foods and observes their movements in relation to the different organs of the body. Combining the methods of acupuncture, food therapy, and other aspects like Chinese Herbal Medicine and massage techniques can have a profound effect on digestive and overall health. These century old techniques have stood the test of time, and anyone suffering from digestive problems can benefit from TCM. 

Acupuncture for weight loss is used to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with weight loss. Acupuncture helps us achieve balance and control, comfort and focus, and joy in living. We have a lot of potential in our bodies but at times it can be misguided. The needles are very slender. They are about the thickness of two human hairs. Treatments are always carried out with sterile and disposable needles. They are used once and then discarded. All needles are approved by the FDA. Most insertions are just beneath the skin`s surface which enables the skilled acupuncture practitioner to place a needle with little or no sensation. We have great success in helping clients apply acupuncture to help with their weight loss.

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