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Acupuncture for Headaches -

AcuSpa Serves the Greater Orlando Area

If you suffer from headaches and migraines, you know how the pain can impact every aspect of life. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and allergy elimination techniques can provide powerful relief to the pain associated with headaches. This relief comes without the side effects that prescription and over the counter drugs can cause.

In Oriental Medical theory, there are many factors which can be implicated in the root cause of headaches. These include body type, emotional considerations, excessive work, social and exercise activities, improper diet, and physical trauma. Diagnosis can be further clarified according to specific symptoms, times of occurrence, location on the head, type of pain, alleviating remedies and exacerbating triggers.

Once the diagnosis is clear, your Acupuncture Physician can create a treatment plan unique to you. In Oriental Medicine, there is a life energy flowing through the body called QI (chee). Qi flows through the body in channels known as meridians that connect all of our organs. When the flow of Qi becomes unbalanced, illness arises. Your practitioner may use acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and allergy elimination techniques to restore balance to the system and relieve headache pain.

Acupuncture for headaches is used to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with headaches. Acupuncture helps us achieve balance and control, comfort and focus, and joy in living. We have a lot of potential in our bodies but at times it can be misguided. The needles are very slender. They are about the thickness of two human hairs. Treatments are always carried out with sterile and disposable needles. They are used once and then discarded. All needles are approved by the FDA. Most insertions are just beneath the skin`s surface which enables the skilled acupuncture practitioner to place a needle with little or no sensation. We have great success in helping clients apply acupuncture to help with their headaches.

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